Wiborggården Per Wilund Fishing - Guided Tours

Wiborggården Per Wilund Fishing - Guided Tours

Per Wilund fishing offers guided fishing tours, tips and tricks both from boat and land.



In the area there are many different waters to fish in, water for fly fishing, lovely water with pike, trout and perch. Per Wilund Fishing arranges food and coffee with snacks at the fishing area and provides fishing tips and helps to plan fishing trips, with or without guiding, as desired. Boats, fishing kayaks and raft are available for rent.

Guided fishing tours in Dalarna, Sweden.
All activities are led by responsible and knowledgeable staff. Fishing licenses are included in the prices. If you are staying by the waters in a tent rented by them a meal is included. Transportation and food for shorter fishing trips are available. Accommodation in old Swedish countryside style. See more info at Wiborggården.

Guided fishing trip from Boat
One days fishing from a fully equipped sportfishing boat. You will either do spinfishing, flyfishing or trolling for Pike, Trout, Char, Rainbows or Perch. A hot meal and snacks over included.
Maxium 2 anglers per boat.

Price: 2999 SEK.
If you are a bigger group please contact us for information. Available from May to October.

A full or half days guided flyfishing from land in either moving water or lakes. During the day they'll provide you with a hot meal, snacks and an open fire. Chances to see wildlife are high and wolf, bear and lynx are in the area. They also provide instructions in the basics of flyfishing if you would like to learn how to become a flyfisher.

Maximum 4 anglers. If you are a bigger group please contact them for information.
Price full day: 2599 SEK for 2 anglers, 499 SEK per additional angler.
Price halfday: 1399 SEK for 2 anglers, 249 SEK per additional angler.
Period: June - Sept

They provide either a full day or half day on the ice. Jigging for either trout, arctic char, rainbow trout or perch, or a day angling for pike and trout with multiple rods.

Full day jigging 2 persons: 2599 SEK, extra person 99 SEK.
Half day jigging 2 persons: 1299 SEK, extra person 59 SEK.

Full day angling: 2899 SEK, extra person 99 SEK.
Half day angling: 1499 SEK, extra person 99 SEK.  

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