long-distance skates Väsman Ludvika.

Väsman: The main track, 19 km

The primary track is ploughed between Ludvika marina and Brunnsvik. A round-trip on the track is around 14 km long. It is also possible to start at Sörvik, you’ll find information signs and descriptions of the tracks at each of the three starting points. Halfway along the main track, you will find a track that leads around Bärholmarna, which is about 1 km long. At the shores of Bärholmarna it’s possible to take a break and enjoy your picknick. When the ice conditons allows there will also be a track leading to Norrvik and possibly to Dröverksudden. When such a track is ploughed the round-trip from Ludvika marina will be around 20 km. Starting points: Ludvika marina, Sörvik and Brunnsvik.