trip hammer.

Trip hammer and the Rustic site in Gravendal

Reconstructed trip hammer driven by a waterwheel. Café and exhibition during the summer events.



Gravendal's mill was the one of the Säfsnäs mills that got its name from the founder Grave, who in 1720 found the site at Skärsjön, where the river had a fall height of 30 meters within a kilometer. The water gave power to the saw, mill and trip hammer, as well as a nail and sheet smith. Later, another trip hammer smith was called the Stensmedjan. There, iron bars were manufactured for export to, among others, England and America. Towards the end of the 19th century, a rolling mill was built. The resource of iron came from the cabin in Strömsdal and the iron ore from Grängesberg's mine. In 1916 operations in Gravendal ceased.

The stone smithy was demolished in the 1930s, but in 1987 a hammer was reconstructed together with water wheels and wheelstock. In 2003, the newly built German hearth was inaugurated. The trip hammer is run during the summer, when visitors get to experience how the German smith went.

Gravendal is an environment in Ecomuseum Bergslagen.

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