View over mountains, forest and lake.

Skeberget 5 km

Hike in Skeberg which goes through different kinds of forests and up a mountain with breathtaking views



Length: 5 km, but can be adapted

Difficulty level: Red, demanding

Description: Start in the village Backen, there is not a designated parking area, but it's possible to park alongside the road where a sign with the map is located. From here follow the signs and the orange markings. The following description is for those who choose to hike counterclockwise and past the viewpoint. It's also possible to take another path that does not go to the viewpoint, this can be seen on the map at the starting point.

Since the hike mainly goes up the mountain the first 1,5 km, it can be a bit demanding, but it's truly worth the effort when you reach the amazing view, Skebergsklitten which is 425 m above sea level. This is a perfect place to take a break and admire the view, it's also a good place to sit down and have something to eat and drink if you brought something with you.

The next part of the hike continues over the mountain until you reach a radio mast, here the descent down begins. The trail is partially very steep and can be slippery if it has recently been raining, so be careful. When you reach flatter ground you will walk past South Nålbergs summer pastures, here you can choose to make the hike longer by continuing towards Nålberg. If you want to continue on the 5 km hike, the trail will continue through a deforestation area with views over Lake Djursjön, after this you will soon reach the start of the hike.

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  • Summer


From Leksand: The starting point is located 13 km south of Leksand.
Begin by driving over the bridge(Leksandsbron), in the roundabout continue straight ahead towards Dala-Järna, follow this road past the village Heden and further to Molnbyggen. After the lake in Molnbyggen turn left at the sign that says Skeberg. Shortly after, the road goes from asphalt to gravel. Continue on this road until you reach the village Backen and the startingpoint, where the map is located.