Monument out in the forest.

Skålberget nature reserve

The Skålberget limestone quarry was declared a nature reserve on 13 December 1994 to preserve the unique geology of the area. The area is owned and managed by Rättvik Municipality. You are welcome to visit the quarry, but please respect the rules.



§ In a nature reserve it is forbidden to:
•do quarrying
•blast, break away or use tools to affect the exposed bedrock
•remove rock samples whether from solid rock or loose-lying material
•dump or fill the area in such a way as to affect the exposed bedrock
The use of slaked lime began in Sweden at the time when the construction of churches gained momentum. It is therefore likely that the building of Rättvik church in the 13th century gave rise to the first lime burning in field kilns here in the Rättvik district. In the 16th and 17th centuries brick-built fireplaces became more common. This led to a boom in local lime burning. The burnt or slaked lime was mixed with sand and water to make mortar which hardened and held the stones together.