Hand-embroidered pillow in floral pattern.

The Retro Store

  • Mobile phone: ++4673- 738 11 92
  • Contact person name: Annette Brantemar Nordin
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Visiting address: Björsjö 3, 774 92 Avesta
  • Hours: They open the store open only for you, which means that you go to the store yourself and they are outside. If there is another customer, they have to wait outside or in the car until you are done. The retro store is open every weekend all year round, Friday-Saturday-Sunday at, 12.00- kl. 16.00 See facebook for changes / other info.

The retro store in Björsjö focuses mainly on glass, porcelain, ceramics, tin cans, trays, baskets, lamps, jewelry and everything else that you can find in a retro store!



The retro store has specially sewn and hand-embroidered pillows, guest towels, needle pads.

There is a step to enter the store, it is possible to roll in e.g. a wheelchair, walker, pram

Faciliteter och service

  • Pets allowed