Woman cycling next to water.

The Old Village (Gamla Byn)

  • Visiting address: Badhusgatan 2, 774 31 Avesta
  • Hours: year round

The oldest part of Avesta, the Old Village (Gamla Byn), is a living and well-preserved ironworks setting by the Dalälven river, with buildings from the 1630s onwards.



The Old Village is an industrial community dating back to the 1630s, when Avesta Copper Works was established here. Today there are buildings preserved from every century since the 1600s. Visit the Old Village by the Dalälven river and stroll through Swedish history. A brochure and guide can be obtained at the Carl Jularbo Museum in the Old Village, or at the Works (Verket) in Koppardalen, Kanalvägen 1.
Here you will also find the museum of the accordion king Calle Jularbo, with its café, and the Coin Museum with the world’s biggest coin, from the 17th century.