A boy is fishing by the lake.

Northern Ludvika fishing-conservation area

Northern Ludvika fishing-conservation area (fvo) include a great amount of lakes. Here can you experience the wilderness, far away from big city stress. If you are lucky you may see a bear, wolf or lynx that roam freely. In the association water planted a large number of trout and rainbows.



At Ljussjön there is a log cabin. The cottage has a small stove for heat. The wood is stacked inside the cottage is intended to be used for cabin heat. There are even simple bunks for overnight available, where visitors can rest in between fishing trips at the other nearby lakes. Or simply enjoy nature. If visitors intend to use the place for a moment of peace and tranquility in the soul, as well as using the barbecue by the beach, bring a bag of charcoal and lighter fluid. Partly because the charcoal reduces the risk of forest fire.

Djuptjärn is another lake that is in the field, where you can find larger shelters that are free to use. In order to fish in the waters of northern Ludvika fishing-conservation area (fvo) you must have a valid fishing certificate or license. Violation of the above provision: The catch and gear confiscated and offense to the police. Evidence fishing and fishing license must be presented when fishing and shall, at their request. For crayfish special rules apply. For fishing competitions, special rules apply. For information contact the Chairman Örjan Johansson tel 070- 520 37 64 or deputy chairman Leif Olsson tel 0240-251 30.

Fishing license
One year card – 300 SEK / calendar
One day card – 50 SEK

Fishing evidence or fishing license valid for spouses/partners/equivalent and for children living at home that are under 18 years old.
Fishing rules see link below. Printed confirmation comes as the fishing license.
Fishing licenses can also be purchased at the tourist offices of Visit Dalarna, tel 0771-62 62 62