Eldristuren XC 24 km

The trail runs in lightly cycled small hilly terrain on pine hills. In dry weather a little heavy in the sand towards Krångåsen.


Length: 24 km
Category: Blue
Type of bike: MTB
Surface: Path, forest road

Description: Start and finish at Moraparken. Up to Mora ski stadium/ Hemus past Vasaloppsarenan, where it then follows the mileage about 5 km. Further towards Eldris along Hemulån, through the control and up towards Krångåsen past Finnbo. In Krångåsen the trail turns and follows the Vasalopps arena back to Morparken.

Alternative: A tip for anyone who wants to extend the tour is to continue the Vasalopparenan to Läde summer farm and go around the fine summer farm and then return past the Vasalopps arena. The next Vasalopp checkpoint on the arena is Hökberg, a really nice place. If you extend to Hökberg, the trip will be about 40 km.