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Bysjörundan is a hiking- and bicycle trail located in Kvarnsveden, 4 kilometers north of Borlänge city center. The hiking trail is 11 km and the bicycle route is 13 km long. There are 17 information-signs along the trail, with a lot of information and interesting facts about the area and nature. There are 4 rest- or picnic areas.



Bysjörundan starts by the houses Sjöbergskasernerna, located near Kvarnsvedens Pappersbruk and across the road from Kvarnsveden school. From here you follow the red posts with white x-signs. They lead by Bysjökasernerna, Lisselholen, Sör Amsberg, the Plant school, lake Vassjön, Häggenäsudden, Bysjön and back to Sjöberget. Fun fact - these special x-signs actually derive from a bookmark from Övermora village from the beginning of the 18th century.

The bikingtrail goes through the village Övermora instead of Sjöberget and it is 2 kilometers longer.

Along the trail you can see ancient monuments such as the grave Kungshögen from the iron ages , industrial history and modern industry. The trail is mostly flat and so its suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists. Make sure you stop and say hello to the highland cattle that often graze by lake Bysjön. Or enjoy your break in the observation-deck by lake Vassjön. On the east side of lake Bysjön, on the side of Sjöberget, there is a lookout point with a windshelter and fireplace.

Available all year round.

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